What are Harry Kane’s strengths and weaknesses?

The Englishman is a player who is always ready to do his best. He is able to score a lot of goals in a short time. He can also make the team win the match. The main thing is to find the right strategy for the team.
Kane’s strengths are:
1. Good technique.
2. Good understanding of the game of his partners.
3. Good ball control.
4. Good vision.
5. Good finishing.
6. Good passing.
7. Good awareness.
8. Good reaction.
9. Good movement.
10. Good stamina.
The main disadvantage of the player is his lack of motivation. He does not always want to win, but to do the best for the club.
How to improve the results of the team?
It is important to find a good strategy for each match. It is also necessary to find out the weaknesses of the opponent. For this, it is necessary to analyze the game on the field.
It can be noted that the team is not very strong in the attack. It has to be strengthened. The team needs to improve its game in the defense. The goalkeeper is a weak point of the club and the player should be given more opportunities.
There are several players who can be used as substitutes. The most suitable one is the player who can start the game. The following players can be called:
* Lukaku;
* Sane;
• Sene.
All of them can be considered as the main strikers of the EPL.
What are the chances of the London Arsenal to win the EFL Cup?
In the current season, the Gunners have a good chance to win. The club has a good lineup, which allows the team to play in the Epl.
In this season, it has a lot to gain from the results. The players have a great opportunity to show their best game.

The club has the following advantages:
· Good teamwork.
· Great experience of the players.
They have already won the FA Cup, so they know how to play the EFA Cup.
However, the main problem of the Gunner’slives is the lack of goals. The EFL is very demanding and the team has to show a good game. However, the players have not yet managed to achieve this.
Will the team be able to achieve its goals?
Yes, the Arsenal has a great chance to achieve the goals. It can be mentioned that the club has great experience, which will help it to achieve good results.
One of the main problems of the current team is the fact that it is not able to play at the same time. This is one of the reasons why the Gunnlives have not been able to win many trophies.
If the team manages to win EFL Cups, then it will be a great success. The fans can expect a lot from the club, which is very important for them.
Where can fans follow the results?
Arsenal is one the main football teams in the world. The results of this team are very important to fans. They can follow the game in a convenient format, which can be found on the sports statistics website.
Football Results at 777score
The EFL Championship is one more competition of the English Premier League. This season, this competition has become more interesting for fans.
This season, Arsenal has an excellent lineup, because the team plays in the Premier League, which has a high level of professionalism. The Gunners are a team that is able not only to win trophies, but also to make a good result in the championship.
As a result, the team managed to finish in the top-4. This result is a great achievement for the Gunns, which are now in the second position of the standings.
Of course, the club needs to do a lot better, but it is a good thing that the players are able to show themselves in the most difficult competition.
Arsenal’ Results at Sports Statistics Website
The current season of the Premier league is very interesting for the fans. The competition is very intense and the fans can watch the game only on the website of sports statistics.
At the website, they can find the information about the results and the statistics of the matches. This allows the fans to be aware of the events in the game and to follow the development of the results in real time.
Among the most interesting results of Arsenal, there are:
· 8 goals conceded in the first half;
· 2 yellow cards;
The players of the Royal Arsenal are not always able to demonstrate their maximum. However they are able not to lose points in the competition. This has allowed the team not to drop out of the championship zone.
Another thing that can be said is that the Gunnls are not the only team that can achieve great results in the current championship. This can be seen in the fact, that the following teams have a chance to enter the top 4:
• Manchester United;
● Liverpool;
In addition to these teams, the following clubs can be named:
● Chelsea;
“Manchester City”;
AFC Ajax;
Borussia Dortmund;
West Ham.