Jose Mourinho wants babies…?

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has repeatedly stated that he wants to have children. The Portuguese, who is currently in the final stages of the Champions League, has already managed to get a couple of partners for his children.
The Portuguese has already found a couple who he wants as a partner for the future. The first one is his personal assistant, who has already started to work with him.
Another one is the daughter of the Portuguese footballer, who he has already met. The girl is the first in her family to be a footballer.
Mourinho also wants a son from his personal life. The footballer has already had a son with his partner, but the child is not yet ready to be born.
This is a real chance for the Portuguese to have a new child, because the current season is very important for the Red Devils.

The team is in the Champions league final, and the Portuguese has to win it. The team has a good chance of winning if they can get through the group stage.
However, Mourinho has already said that he does not want to have any children until he has won the Champions.
Will the Portuguese manage to win the Champions?
The Champions League is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. The competition is very tough, and only the best teams can go through it.
It is the last tournament of the season, and there is a good opportunity for the team to win.
But it is very difficult to win in the group of death, because there are always strong teams.
In the last round, the Red devils were defeated by Liverpool. The Merseysiders had a good start, but then the team lost its way.
They were defeated in the first match by Chelsea, and then in the next match they were beaten by Juventus.
At the group matches, the team was defeated by:
* Manchester City;
* Borussia Dortmund;
* Tottenham Hotspur.
If the team fails in the playoffs, it will be very difficult for them to win gold medals.
All the Champions are very important, and it is the final match that decides the fate of the tournament.
Who will win the trophy?
In this season, Manchester United has a chance to win a lot of trophies. The Red devils have a good lineup, and they are ready to fight for the title.
There are several problems for the club, but Mourinho has not yet solved them. The main problem is the lack of motivation.
Despite the fact that the team is one step ahead of the competitors in the standings, the fans have not yet given the team the necessary support.
One of the reasons for this is the fact the the team has not managed to win any trophy for a long time.
Also, the players have not been playing for a while, and this is another problem.
Many people have already said this, but it is still not enough.
So, the main problem for the Mourinho’s team is the motivation. The club needs to work on this, and if they do not, they will not be able to win trophies.
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