Backyard US Football scores and predictions for Thursday Night football

The US Open Cup is the most prestigious tournament of the American football season. It is also one of the most important tournaments for the national team. The national team of the United States has won the tournament a number of times. The last time the team won was in 2002.
The competition is very intense and unpredictable. The US Open cup is a good chance to win the gold medals. The team of US can win the tournament and get into the playoffs.
There are several ways to predict the outcome of the tournament. The following are the most popular ways:
1. Prediction of the final result.
2. Analysis of the previous games.
3. Prediction based on statistics.
4. Predictions on the website of sports statistics. The website of the sports statistics provides the latest information on the matches of the national teams.
It is easy to get the information about the US Open cups on the site of sports statistic. The statistics of the matches are updated in real time.

The most interesting matches of this tournament are:
* US Open – Houston;
* US Open – Portland;
* US Open – New York;
and Houston – Washington.
All the results of the games are available on the sports statistic website.
You can find the schedule of the upcoming matches on the calendar.
Predictions for the upcoming games
The upcoming games of the US team are very important. It will be very interesting to watch them. The main goal of the team is to win gold medals in the tournament of America. The results of previous games are a good basis for the predictions.
In the last few years, the US has won gold medals at the tournament in a row. In 2002, the team of USA won with the score of 4:0.
However, the last time they won gold was in 1996. The reason for this is the following:
Β· The team was not at its best.
Β· The competition was too strong for the US.
This year, the main goal is to get into a playoff round. The teams from the same group have to play each other. The winner of this playoff round will be the winner of the group.
If the team wins the playoff round, it will be able to get a ticket to the next round.
What to expect from the US in the upcoming season?
The team of United States is in good shape. It has a number players who have already been called up for the World Championship.
Also, the roster of the main team of America is not too big. This allows the coach to rotate the players.
For example, the following players of the squad are not in the lineup:
β€’ DeAndre Yedlin;
β€’ Eric Lichaj;
Β· Jurgen Blitzer.
These players are needed for the team to be able not to lose points.
At the same time, the coach has to rotate his players. This is not an easy task, but the team has a good lineup.
They have the following positions:
o Goalkeepers;
o Defenders;
o Midfielders;
o Forwards.
Moreover, the squad of the Americans is very balanced. This can be seen in the fact that the team can play against the same opponent for several games in a day.
Thus, the players of United are ready to play against:
a) Brazil;
b) Spain;
c) Germany;
d) Portugal;
e) England;
f) Argentina;
g) Japan;
h) Italy;
i) Croatia;
j) Mexico;
k) Chile;
l) Turkey;
m) Costa Rica;
n) Uruguay;
p) Colombia;
q) Honduras;
r) Australia;
s) Canada;
t) Netherlands;
u) France;
v) Russia;
w) Holland;
x) Belgium;
y) Brazil.
Each game of the game is very important for the USA. The coach has a lot of options for the rotation of his players and for the selection of the lineup. The players have to be ready to do their best. This will be a key to the success of the coach’s team.
Detailed predictions for the matches
The results of matches are important for many reasons. The most important is the fact they give the coach an opportunity to make changes in the line-up.
Sometimes, the results are not so good. The reasons for this are:
Β· Bad luck;
● Injuries;
iii) Incompetence of the players;
iv) Poor teamwork.
Such situations are not good for the coach. He has to make a decision quickly.
Most of the time, it is not possible to make such a decision. However, the information on matches is available to the coach in real-time.
Now, it’s easier to make predictions. It’ll be easy to do this because the information is available on a website with a simple interface.