Sao Paulo’s president says that his side will not let Verthongen go

Sao Paulo’s president says that his side will not let Verthongen go and will not give up the fight.

The player has already said that he wants to leave the club, but the club’s management is not ready to give him the chance to prove himself.
The club has already signed Neymar, and the Brazilian will join the team in a few months.
However, the player is not the only one who is dissatisfied with the team’s performance.
Many fans are not happy with the fact that the team has not won any gold medals in the last few years.
In order to change this situation, the club needs to improve its results.
They will have to do it in the next season, when the team will be in the Champions League zone.
This will be a real test for the team, because it will face the main favorites of the tournament, Real Madrid.
It is very important for the club to win the title in the current season, because this will help it to get into the Champions Cup zone.

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