Ranieri speaks on joining Leicester City

Ranieri, who was the head coach of the Italian national team, has joined Leicester City. The Italian coach has already started to work with the club. The team’s results have been good in the last season, and the club is now in the top 4 of the English Premier League.
The Italian coach is a specialist in the defensive midfielder position, and he has already managed to get the best out of the young players. The main goal of the new coach is to get into the Champions League zone, and this will be possible if the team will be able to play in the Europa League. Leicester has a good lineup, and it is ready to fight for the title.

The team”s results in the Premier League have been quite good, and Leicester is now one of the main contenders for the champion title. The new coach has a lot of interesting tasks ahead of him, and we can expect a lot from him.
Leicester City’ football results
The new coach of Leicester City, Claudio Ranieri, has already begun to work. The club has a number of interesting transfers, and they will help the team in the future.
One of the most important transfers is the acquisition of the goalkeeper, Kelechi Iheanacho. The player has already played for the Italian team, and his experience will be very useful for the team. The Portuguese goalkeeper has already shown himself in the national team.
Another transfer is the transfer of Riyad Mahrez, who has already become a good player for the club and the national side. The Algerian player is a good finisher, and has already scored a number 1 goal in the English premier league.
Riyad Mahreza is a player who can be a great addition to the Leicester team. He has already proved himself in various tournaments, and now he is ready for the main task of the team: to win the champion league. The young Algerian goalkeeper has a bright future, and many clubs are interested in him. The transfer of the player will allow Leicester to get a good goalkeeper, which will be a good addition to their squad.
In the future, the team can focus on the Champions league, and not on the Premier league. Leicester can be one of those clubs that will be considered as the main favorites of the tournament.
What to expect from the new team
The previous season, the Leicester City was not in the Champions cup zone, but the team managed to win a number 3 position in the EPL. The previous season was quite successful for the Leicester, and if the new season will be even better, then the team has a great chance to win gold medals.
There are a lot more interesting tasks for the new Leicester team, which can be summarized in the following points:
1. Good selection of players in the lineup. The coach has managed to make the best of the players’ skills.
2. Good teamwork. The players have already started playing together, and there is a high level of trust between them.
3. Good results in matches against the top teams.
All these factors will allow the team to win many trophies in the next season.
Main transfer news of the season
The transfer of Kelechis Iheanyuacho to the club has already been announced. The goalkeeper has been playing for the Portuguese team for a long time, and is a great goalkeeper. The acquisition of this player will be beneficial for the whole team, because the goalkeeper is one of their main assets.
Also, Riyad will be joining the team, who will help it in the long run. The Egyptian player has a high potential, and can become a great player for Leicester. The Spanish player has recently become a very good player, and will be useful for many years to come.
This transfer will be the first of many transfers, which the team management will make in the near future. The fans can expect many more transfers, because there are a number players who can help the club in the nearest future. It is very important for the management to get rid of the bad results, because this will allow them to focus on other tasks.
Will Leicester City win the title this season?
The season of the Premier ligue has already ended, and so far, the club of Leicester has not managed to achieve the desired results. The last season was very difficult for the coach, and a number failures have been recorded.
However, the new year will bring a lot for the fans of the club, because they will get to see a lot new transfers. The Leicester City has a very bright future and can be considered one of its main competitors.
Many fans are waiting for the next championship, because now the team is ready and able to fight against the main clubs. The season of English premier ligue is coming to its end, and soon we will see the results of the teams. Leicester City is one the main competitors of the leaders, and their fight for gold medals is already starting.
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