Former Manchester United man David May backs current boss Jose Mourinho

The Portuguese has been in charge of the Red Devils for just over a year, and he has already managed to turn the club’s fortunes around. The Portuguese has managed to get the team playing attractive football, and the results have been spectacular.
The team’ s results have improved significantly since the start of the season, and they are now in the top-4 of the EPL. The Red Devils have managed to beat the leaders of the competition, Manchester City, by a comfortable margin. The team has also managed to win the FA Cup, and now they are ready to fight for the title.

The main problem for the team is the fact that they have no clear-cut leaders. The club has a number of players who are able to do the job individually, but they are not able to play together. This is one of the main reasons for the fact they are unable to fight against the leaders.
However, the Portuguese is not going to give up on the task of winning the title, and it is clear that the team will have to do its best in every match.
Manchester United’ soccer results in the English Premier League
The current season of the English premier league has already shown that the Red devils have a bright future ahead of them. The main problem the team has is that it doesn’t have a clear-cutting leader. This can be seen in the fact the team doesn� ’ t have a true number 1. The player who is able to decide the fate of the match is the one who has the most influence on the outcome of the game.
This is why the Portuguese has to do his best in each match, and this is what he has managed so far. The coach has managed not to make mistakes, and that is what is most important for the long-term success of the team.
Despite the fact Manchester United has a good lineup, the team still has a long way to go before it can be called a real contender for the top four. The players have to improve their game significantly, and if they do that, then they can be considered as a real threat for the leaders in the Epl.
United’ football results in Europa League
In the current season, the Red team has a bright prospect. The squad of Mourinho has already started to show a lot of results, and there is no doubt that the season will be long and exciting.
In general, the players of the club have a good understanding with each other, and even the leaders have managed not only to score, but also to create a number in the attack. This has been possible thanks to the teamwork between the players.
It is also worth noting that the Portuguese coach is able not only not to lose points, but to achieve a high number of goals. This was possible due to the fact he has a stable lineup, which is able play with each of the other players. This helped him to get a good result in every game. This shows that the coach is not only able to make changes in the lineup, but he is also able to achieve good results.
At the moment, the Europa League is the most popular tournament of the current football season, because it is very interesting and exciting for fans. The competition is very intense, and many teams are fighting for the coveted title. The Europa League has already become a real favorite of the football world.
Live football score results from all over the world
The Europa League was created in the early 1990s, and since then it has become a favorite of football fans. This tournament is famous for its intense and exciting matches, and in each of them, the teams have to fight to be the best.
One of the most famous matches of the tournament is the match between Ajax and Manchester United. The match is known for the number of mistakes made by the team, and for this reason, it is considered to be one of its most memorable matches.
After the match, the fans were able to see a lot more, because the game was broadcast live. This allowed them to see the mistakes of the players, and to learn how the team was performing.
Ajax have a very good lineup. The most important players of this team are:
* De Jong;
* Van De Griendt;
* De Ligt; and
* Klaasen.
All of them have a high potential to become leaders of their teams. However, the main thing that Ajax needs to do to be able to win gold medals is to improve the teamwork. This will allow them to not only score, they will also be able not to miss a single ball.
If the team can do this, then it will be a real force in the tournament. The fans can watch the live football score result from the tournament on the website of sports statistics.
Main results of the Europa league
The season of football has already begun, and already in the first matches, it can already be said that the EFL Cup will be very interesting for fans of the best clubs. The tournament is divided into two parts: the first part is called the group stage, and then the teams will play in the knockout stage.
Of course, the first round of the group stages is very important for both teams, but it is not the only thing that counts.